Airbnb & Short-Term Rentals

Cleaning is an essential part of Airbnb or short-term rental operations. Guests expect and deserve a clean space — anything less is a recipe for disaster. Service reliability is understandably crucial to your business.

What to Expect

At P&J Cleaners, we are true specialists in Airbnb and short-term rental cleaning. Here is what to expect:

  • Top-notch service from trustworthy cleaners and highly responsive support from our team at all times — this is your workplace and we will treat it with the high level of respect it deserves.
  • Sweeping/vacuuming and mopping floors; wiping and disinfecting horizontal and vertical surfaces (counters, appliances, cupboards, etc.); scrubbing away grime and soap scum (sinks, toilets, showers, etc.).
  • If you’d like, we can also do “deep cleaning” activities, such as scrubbing and removing dust, grime, and soap scum from the nooks and crannies of your workplace (i.e., baseboards, microwave internals, door frames, window sills and tracks, etc.).
Bedroom with mirror and bedside table.
Living room with window, drapes, and couch with blanket.

The Nuances

The window between guests’ stays is often tight, so the reliability of a cleaning service provider is crucial. When a new guest shows up, the place absolutely needs to be clean. We get that, and we’ve worked hard to develop systems and processes to make sure we’re there on time, every time.

  • Every customer has slightly different requirements, but in almost all cases the garbage will need to be removed, the bathrooms and kitchens will need to be cleaned, the dishes will need to be washed, the floors will need to be vacuumed and mopped, and the linens will need to be washed and changed.
  • We’re flexible on how we approach pricing for Airbnb and short-term rental cleaning. Typically, we will give an estimate based on the size of the place, but if you already have a good sense of the time it will take, we will also take that into account.
  • If you book with us regularly, we pass the cost savings on to you per our Recurring Plan:
  • 20% off for cleans every week or more
  • 15% off for cleans every 2 weeks
  • 10% off for cleans every 3 weeks
  • 5% off for cleans every 4 weeks

Our Promises

We proudly maintain an average 5.0-star rating on Google because we consistently deliver on our promises to our valued customers.

  • All our cleaners are thoroughly vetted, background-checked, and continuously reviewed for performance (we’ve spent countless hours finding the best people from hundreds of applicants).
  • We will check in regularly to see how things are going — if you’re not happy, we will fix it, 100% guaranteed.
  • We carry $2 million in general & liability insurance and are bonded, so that you can rest easy
Living room with pink couch and coffee table.

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